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Thanks for hitting up my sponsorship page.

If you'd like to sponsor my ride, fill out the sponsorship form below and click the 'Sponsor Me Now' button below.

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Levi Causon

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Date Name Amount
4-May Gwen $50.00
28-Mar Elaine Fricker $25.00
26-Mar Neridene $40.00
26-Mar Anonymous $2,530.00
26-Mar Carrie Twine $25.00
26-Mar Stuart Davey-Sypkes $100.00
26-Mar Rhiannon $25.00
26-Mar Mike Smith $20.00
22-Mar Hayden Armstrong $50.00
22-Mar Brenno $20.00
22-Mar Tim $20.00
22-Mar Z $1,000.00
21-Mar Laure Jago $50.00
20-Mar Steve $10.00
20-Mar Vanessa King $40.00
19-Mar Kyle Perry (to the best coach) $100.00
19-Mar Pauline Dicker $25.00
18-Mar Rachael Matheson $300.00
16-Mar Simon Brown $50.00
15-Mar Aaron George $200.00
15-Mar Mark Leis $50.00
10-Mar Trevor $30.00
10-Mar Tim Cubit $20.00
3-Mar Vincent O\'Brien $50.00
3-Mar Howard Mitchell $20.00
3-Mar YS $30.00
3-Mar My allocation has not gone to Stuart $100.00
2-Mar Sam Howarth $20.00
26-Feb Sarah Ayers $20.00
26-Feb Bill Abbott $50.00
26-Feb Someone who should exercise more $20.00
26-Feb Renee Burgess $25.00
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